How To Clean LapTop Screen

How many hours do you spend using the laptop per day? Well, the most important question is, how often do you clean your laptop? Know that it is not healthy to wait until grease and stains begin to infiltrate the surface of your laptop to start cleaning it.

Personally I dedicate 30 minutes every weekend to clean my laptop.

Here is the right way to clean your laptop in just six steps.

how to clean a laptop screen

1- In the beginning, you must turn off the device, remove the battery if possible, and remove all connections that may be placed in it, such as the USB, memory card, mouse, and others.

2- Now we start the cleaning process! Since the keyboard is usually full of sediment, it is best to use a blower or a hairdryer to blow air into it and then expel the dust in it. Use a small brush to remove the sediments that come out to the surface first. If using a hairdryer, be sure to set it to cool air while cleaning the laptop so that the heat does not spoil the keyboard.

3- After you are done, sprinkle a little alcohol on a small cotton swab and wipe it between the buttons to clean hard-to-reach areas. Make sure the part is not too wet so that no drops of alcohol drip into the keys.

4- Complete the cleaning process by polishing the laptop screen, and this can be done either by using alcohol spray or a laptop screen cleaning solution available in Amazon i recomand using this WHOOSH! Screen Cleaner  because I once walked into an Apple store and saw them using this on the display models of Macs and I just found  that it works great it doesn’t have a really strong smell it’s non-toxic and most importantly it does a good job of cleaning the screen.

Microfiber Cleaning Cloth

In any case, it is preferable to use a clean Microfiber Cleaning Cloth when cleaning the screen rather than cotton, as the second tends to leave some residue on the screen. Also, be sure to spread the spray or solution on the cloth and not directly on the screen when cleaning the laptop.

5- The laptop fan is one of the most areas that carry bacteria and dirt as well, so turn the laptop over and direct the air in the area where the fan is located to remove dust from it. I do not advise you to remove the cover yourself to clean the fan from the inside, but it is better to take the laptop to a specialist.

6- Concerning cleaning the places where the side connections are inserted, it is not recommended to use alcohol or cleaning spray, as they may damage the electronic units in these areas. So instead, it is sufficient to use the blower while wiping the dust with a piece of cotton and take care to deal with these areas gently for their safety.

What not to do

“Under any circumstances, do not spray water directly on the laptop screen, this greatly increases the chances of water leakage in the device, and use water only if you put it on a soft cloth before placing it directly on the screen. It is also forbidden to dip the cloth in water for cleaning, but only moisten the cloth on one side, because leaking any water droplets into the device causes great damage to your device and screen. A household cleaning solution can be made of a mixture of vinegar and distilled water in equal quantities. It is forbidden to use window cleaners and soaps of all kinds. Avoid rubbing the screen while cleaning it and make sure to use a gentle circular motion.”

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